Prairie Grove is a growing community of approximately 8500, located 4 miles west of Fayetteville. Though traditionally an agricultural area, the City has transformed into a small successful retail and industrial community, home to numerous businesses and small manufacturing facilities.

The City also has many subdivisions with lots available. Housing in the City is diverse, with many older traditional homes and many that are new construction.

The City is known for its small-town values, but offers many amenities that are often only found in larger communities. The Aquatic Center,  the library, and parks are among the features that make Prairie Grove attractive to families.

Prairie Grove is rich in history. From the acres and acres of historic preservation in the State Battlefield Park, to the downtown businesses and older residential neighborhoods, many buildings date to the turn of the century or even earlier.


Profile of Prairie Grove


Municipal Services
Fire insurance class: 3.000 (city) 4.00 (rural area)
# volunteer firemen: 24
# of fire trucks: 6
Public library: Anna James Dorman Library, 55,000 volumes
Comprehensive Planning: zoning\subdivision ordinances
% of paved streets: 98%
Solid Waste Collection: City owned; curbside & drop-off recycling


Water: Prairie Grove WTP & Benton\Washington Regional PWA
Water Source: Prairie Grove Lake, Beaver Lake
Water Capacity: 1mgd PGWTP 1.25 mgd B/WRPWA
Avg. Daily Demand: 700,000
Max Daily Demand: 1,000,000
Water Storage: 1.25 MG, PGwater; 20.5 MG B/WRPWA
Sewer: Prairie Grove WWTP
Sewer Treatment Capacity: 1,350,000 gallons/day
Avg. Daily Demand: 750,000 gallons/day


Tax Structure
Property Tax: 5 mils City, 1.5 mils Voluntary Police/Fire
Sales Tax: 6% State, 1.25% County, 2.75% City
Utility Franchise Fees: 4.25%