Doing Business

“Self Sufficient” may be the best way to describe the Business District in Prairie Grove. Almost every essential need can be purchased from a variety of businesses which include groceries, pharmacies, hardware, dry-cleaning, clothing, florists, banks and insurance.

A historic downtown business district is complimented nicely by several other shopping areas scattered mostly along Highway 62. Prairie Grove has become very popular for the numerous antiques and flea markets in the historic downtown and nearby areas.

Prairie Grove has become the premier antiques and flea market destination in NW Arkansas and provides excellent shopping and browsing 7 days a week. A number of restaurants, cafes and fast food outlets are located in the City serving a variety of culinary options.

Although the Industry in Prairie Grove does not consist of any large corporations, there are a number of small to mid-size manufacturers doing business in the City. All make Prairie Grove their home and have employee bases that range from 15 to 80. 

Our Chamber of Commerce is also here to help. Please take a moment to review our Business Prospectus for the City of Prairie Grove.