City Hall

A view of City Hall from Douglas Street

City Hall Business Hours

Open Monday - Friday 

7:30 - 4:30        Starting on January 1, 2024 working hours will be 8am - 4pm


City Hall houses the offices of the Mayor, City Clerk, Public Works Director, Building Code and Enforcement, and other City Support staff.  In addition, on the North side of City Hall, the business office of the Prairie Grove Water and Sewer is located.  

At City hall, you can apply for business licenses, building permits, mechanical permits, fence permits, or sign permits, planning applications for zoning, variancesconditional use permits or other approvals, dog tags, yard sale permits, baseball and swimming registrations, pool rentals, and other city business.  


Are Businesses Required to have licenses inside the City?

Prairie Grove Municipal Code does require a business License for businesses operating inside the City.  This includes normal stand alone businesses as well as home occupations.  The basic fee is $30.00 per year for up to 3 employees, and $3 per employee over 3.  The maximum fee is $100.00.  

The requirements for Home Occupations are slightly different and include the following requirements:

  • No commercial Vehicles Allowed as part of Home Based Businesses
  • Only two rooms can be utilized in a residential zone for businesses
  • No structural alterations or additions for business purposes are permitted for Home Based Businesses in a Residential Zone
  • No signage in excess of 6 sq. feet for businesses in residential zones
  • Can not display goods or services and no On-site sales allowed in Residential zones
  • Only one employee allowed who is not living in the residence
  • No more than two customers allowed at a time in Residential zones
  • ADDITIONAL OFF STREET PARKING REQUIRED in addition to established residential requirements: One additional space for customers required if applicable and One additional space for employees required if applicable.
  • Home Based Occupations in Residential zones shall not create a nuisance to surrounding residents including: excessive odor, dust, smoke, vibration, noise, light, heat, glare, or similar disturbances.
  • Home occupations may not be sited in a garage IF SUCH garage is required to provide off-site parking required elsewhere in this zoning ordinance. 

Mobile Food Trailers also are required to be licensed, but contact City Hall for those specific requirements and approvals. 846-3038. 

Do pets require licenses in the City Limits?

City code requires current licenses for all dogs and cats in the city limits.  City tags are issued January to December in each calendar year.  For more information on licensing see related information on this website, or contact 846-3038.  



What requirements are there for pets or animals in the City limits?

A resident can have up to 5 dogs and cats in a single residence. 

Up to two rabbits, ducks, or geese are allowed as pets.

Horses are only allowed when a minimum of two acres fenced is available for them.  

In residential zones, Chickens but not roosters are allowed and the number permitted is based on the size of the lot where the chickens are kept. A maximum of 4 chickens are allowed on lots 5000 square foot or smaller, and one additional chicken is allowed per 1250 square foot of lot area, with a not to exceed of 20 chickens on any residential lot.  Coops and roosts are only allowed in rear yards, that is adequately fenced, must be kept clean and free of odors.  Except in a Agricultural zone, commercial livestock or poultry operations are not allowed.  No cows, goats, or pigs are allowed outside of A zones.  Other restrictions apply to vicious, poisonous, or venomous animals, birds, lizards, or amphibians.  



When do I need a building permit?

Residents are required to acquire a building permit prior to any type of new construction, remodel, or addition to any structure before work has begun.  Permits are required for all structural modifications to structures, all construction affecting building setbacks, and any construction that could affect life safety.  Some examples of projects needing permits include, residential or commercial new construction, major remodels, or building additions, roof replacements, porches, decks, swimming pools, sheds exceeding 160 square feet, fences, and shops or garages to name a few.  Some examples of projects that do not need permits, would include, painting, sheet rock repairs, replacement of cabinets or countertops, replacement of flooring, or any cosmetic repair or change that doesn't affect structure, insulation, or energy consumption.  For questions about when a permit is needed, call 846-3038 or 846-6542. 

When hiring a building contractor doing remodel or alteration work, and when work exceeds $2000 contractors are required by the State to be licensed.  All new home contractors must be licensed. 



When do I need a mechanical permit?

Residents are required to acquire a mechanical permits any time they are doing electrical, plumbing, HVAC, or gas installation or replacement.  If a contractor is used, all mechanical work is required to be conducted by mechanical contractors that are licensed by the State to do the specific work required.  Home owners can do plumbing, electrical, and HVAC work on their OWN residence only if they live in the house.  Examples of work that does not require a permit include, minor repairs such as replacing faucets, toilets, service valves, switches, or minor fixtures.  Contact City Hall if you have specific questions regarding what requires a permit and what doesn't by calling 846-3038 or 846-6542. 



Who do I contact when I have specific Problems?

  • If the problem is related to water or waste water (sewer), such as billing questions, water pressure questions, water quality questions, stopped up sewer lines, reporting possible leaks or sewer overflows, or questions about usage or consumption start with the Water Utility Business office at 846-2061.  If its after hours (after 4:30 Monday through Friday, or before 7:30 am)  or on weekends, and its an emergency (not a billing question) you can call 479-443-1015 to page someone who is on call. 
  • If its related to streets, drainage, or sidewalks you may call the water business office or it can be reported to the Public Works Director. 846-2961 or 846-6540. 
  • Solid Waste, Recycling, service, billing, special pickups, bulky waste questions, can be made to the water utility office at 846-2961. 
  • Building permit questions, or scheduling inspections, can be handled by City Hall at 846-3038. 
  • Specific questions about building codes, construction requirements, or mechanical codes should be made to the building code official, 846-6542. 
  • Questions about dog tags, business licenses, solicitation registration, and other City permit or fee questions can be made at City Hall 846-3038. 
  • Prior to opening, questions regarding the aquatic park or to reserve a party can be made at City Hall 846-3038, but once the aquatic facility opens, those inquires shall be made directly through the pool. 846-4421. 


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